Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Hair-Raising!

It's a hair raising challenge over in the Some Odd Girl community site.  
I colored up Shy Kaylee and colored her hair in blue-green. 
Oh! This was fun! 
I used Copic markers in the following colors: 

The sentiment is from a rubber stamp that says Like Crazy. How appropriate because anyone with blue hair has a little touch of craziness! 
Or at least I think so. I had several students this year that paid big bucks to get their hair colored. To each their own! 
Don't forget Odd Idol Voting is open. The Top 10 will be narrowed to just 5. 

My scene has been submitted and now all I can do is just  sit back and wait for the results. 

Have a happy Saturday, my friends!


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