Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Get Your Spook On!

It's getting closer and closer to Halloween! 
Although I am not a fan of this holiday and I will tell you why...
Stuffing 5 kids into costumes and then allowing them to consume tons of sugar is not exactly ideal!
Plus, even as a small child, I was always frightened of hayrides where masked teenagers jump out of the woods with chainsaws. And  grown adults scare the bejesus out of you as you try to find your way through a corn maze.
Then there was the one time, on Halloween night, I ran right smack into a tree and broke my nose. Knocked myself out cold! The next day, I had two black and blue racoon eyes and looked like a zombie for weeks!
See? Me like Halloween...not so much.
But Sassy Cheryl's newest challenge is Get Your Spook On.
It's cute and not so spooky!
Here is my creation:

I made 5 of these cards to send to my adopted soldiers this past weekend. 

They probably won't receive the cards until after Halloween but hopefully it will make them smile.
Click here to check out the wonderful DT creations and then go get your spook on!


  1. You poor baby. No wonder you hate Halloween. I do love your sweet little Jen though. I have a feeling your "adopted" soldiers will love the card no matter when it arrives!

  2. What a bummer that you had so many bad experiences with Halloween! Mine were always made fun by a fun, crafty and creative mom. nothing to scary!
    your adopted soldiers will love these cards.. this is one of my fave little images! awesome card1

  3. Beautiful Angie! You knocked this one out of the ballpark. . .AGAIN!

  4. Fab cards and I'm sure your soldiers will love them too!

  5. Fab cards and I'm sure your soldiers will love them too!