Friday, July 19, 2013

Music to my Heart

Ever experience that moment when a song reminds you of someone? Out of the blue you hear a song on the radio and it automatically transports you back in time and you can remember every detail. 
I had a friend that use to text me a song of the day. I couldn't wait for my new song choice to arrive. More often then not, they would be songs from artists that I would normally never listen to. 
I have every one of those songs neatly tucked into a playlist. 
My friend no longer sends me songs. That makes me sad. I miss my friend. Somethings are never meant to be. Another time... Another place...Different will never know.  And...sometimes,  I glance at my phone and hope a new song will come through. Just for ole' times sake. 
Music Girl Mae  from Some Odd Girl reminds me of my friend. 
Mae is just sitting there rockin' to her iPod. I wonder if her friend texted her that song? I'd like to think so. 
Have a great Friday, my friends! 



  1. Very girlie!!!
    Awesome of u to join us at charisma!!!

  2. Love the hair !! & great story... Hope your friends sends you a new tune

  3. Yep. . . .been there myself, but don't ya hate the ones that you don't care for and they get stuck in your head. LOL
    This is a darling, darling card girl! I'm gonna leave now. . .and keep on rockin'!!!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!