Friday, December 27, 2013


It's been just a little over three weeks since I have lost my beloved Aunt Jerry. My favorite Aunt who has always been such an important figure throughout my life. During my childhood, she taught me to be free and adventurous. Spending many weeks on her working farm, I learned to appreciate the way of her world as opposed to my city life upbringing. Riley played bingo every other week with her. Haden and Trent helped her with heavy lifting and housekeeping chores she could no longer perform. Georgie loved her fudgie squares and Alex was always good for a great big hug and kiss. Yes, she was one of those Aunts that scooped you up and planted a great big one right on the cheek! And...always...she supported and attended their sporting and extra-curricular activities. 
My heart is broken and with it my coloring and cardmaking enjoyment has left me. I made cards just for her. And I sent them every week, faithfully every Sunday for over a year. She adored my cards and right before she passed, she told me that receiving my cards "...meant the world to her!"
As we were packing up her belongings, in her desk drawer, I found every single card I ever made for her! She had saved every card. I miss her with all my heart. She always reminded me that love is unconditional and love should be all you ever need. 
I made this card today as I thought of her knowing with a heavy sadness that I will not ever be able to send it to her. 
But...I know that somewhere up above...Aunt Jerry is looking down and smiling just for me. ❤️

Tiddly Inks

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  1. Angie you were so lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt and she was lucky to have you. Love is meant to be shared. Sounds like you two did a great job with it. I know you are beyond yourself in pain so I will pray for healing for you. Hugs from your Sassy Sister.